Leaving on a Jet Plane


来る前にキューバで一周間 (四日ぐらい)の旅行にいきました。そこで、海を見ながら砂浜で日を浴びて、いろいろ考えながら今までやった事を自省しました。そして僕自身にとって、人生新しい始まりが必要だと決めて、日本に来ました。

僕も新しい腕前を増するため、”新しい”場所に来て、自分にとって安全地帯を出て, リスクをとりながら一人出前に進んで往きたいと思もいます。



There are a few reasons why I decided to ditch everything and come to Japan. One of them was the fact that I was invited to come to Japan to work with a friend as a business partner in a startup (I was mostly volun-told by my friend D).

I went to Cuba for a week (4 days) of vacation, which gave me time to make the final decision of coming to Japan or not. I sat on the beach and spent a lot of time on self reflection. In the end when I went back to Canada, I arrived at the decision that my life needs a restart. Like a stopped heart need jolt from a defibrillator, I need a change in my life that can kick start my gears again.

Someone once told me as an advice that “people only learn when they are out of their comfort zone, and in order for any success you must take risk.” That is exactly what I hope to accomplish by coming to Japan, and trying to make it on my own.

That’s why I named this blog the “Lonely Journey”. I understand that life is not a journey traveled alone, and I will be meeting new people along the way, but at the end of the day, it is still a complicated world where everyone is left to fend for themselves.

It might be difficult, but I think I can make it if I just try harder than before.


ブログを立ち上げました!I’m Starting a Blog!!





So for some reason, I decided to ditch it all and come to Japan.
I have arrived safely and realized how my ability in Japanese has deteriorated over the years, so I figured I used this blogging opportunity to practice thinking and writing in Japanese. I will try to write English equivalent counter parts whenever possible.

As a person who enjoys experience new things, I will try document all that I have come across through my personal journey. (Hence, this blog might become some sort of public journal. Talking about things I have seen, heard, ate, touched, or done.)

Wish me luck in my journey to self discovery!Calm